Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This is it I am now going to attemt the update of the life time!!

Okay, first off I want to share my heart...God said to be a father to the fatherless. To help the poor and needy. Jesus adopted us into his family. What more can I do to be like Jesus?? What is the ultimate thing that God would want in return?? Some one to take care of one of his little lambs to love an nurture them and to give them a home and a future. This is what Paul and I have been told to do. To adopt an Ethiopian Princess named Aleena Ruth...This starts the story of a very exciting time!!

This is how this adoption idea started. Several years ago (I won't date myself) I felt a calling to go to bible college and I wanted so badly to go to Africa to be a nurse and start an orphanage. I wanted to make a difference in children's lives who don't have a mother or a father. Well, my life went on a detour but my heart remained the same. I always knew some how that I would adopt a child from Africa. Paul and I were married 12 years ago (this April) and have two beautiful daughters Abby and Anna. I started approaching Paul off and on about adoption, but it wasn't God's timing. Last winter I really started researching!! Our friends Tohnya and Charles mentioned they were adopting from Ethiopia (they already have Josh from Kenya) that is when I started looking into the possibility of Ethiopia. I mentioned it to Paul in the spring of 2007 and still the door was closed. I began to pray and really hard that God would open the door if it was his will to adopt. Finally in October of 2007 Paul came to me!! I still remember him asking, "do you still want to adopt?" "Let's do it!!" So here we are doing it!! YEAH!!

November; The week of Thanksgiving we were accepted to Children's Hope International in St. Louis Missouri.
December; We started all the paperwork
We announced to news to family and friends!!
January; Home study the 15th. All went well. Thank you Nikki. KC staff is super
February; INS office the 22nd. fingerprinted and back round check!!
March; Exactly 3 weeks on March 14th we were cleared and ready to move on
March 17th Dossier done and March 18th sent to St. Louis!! yeah!!
To marrow March 27th, Dossier heads to D.C.

So now you are up to date!!

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pqrst said...

I had no idea you wanted to become a nurse, start an orphanage or adopt. So very strange... we are sisters but we dont even know each other. I guess all the whirlwind of planning for the blessed princess from ethiopia is more important than having a relationships with your family. I am sure our dad was so dissappointed you didnt achieve your dreams!!! All well, we can make the plans but only God knows what the future holds!!!