Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday May 10th

This is our last week of Preschool. Yeah!!
I am starting to get ready for the new year. Painting and organizing class lessons will consume
me for awhile.
Abigayle's last day of school is next week May 20th. She is really excited. Then the girls and I are off to my dad's for a week!! We are going to enjoy the sand and sun on the Florida Beach!!
On a sad note...the first dog that Paul and I got when we were married 12 years ago died last night. Lilly May was Born 12 years ago this May!! She died in her sleep On May 9th 2008. We will miss her, she was the best dog that I have ever had. She was the boss of the yard. So this will be quite an adjustment. Sammy our poodle will be lost, I think she was his best friend!!

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