Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you Chef Nadu!!

Thank you Chef Nadu and the Nigat Restraunt!!
We had a super time and enjoyed the cooking class and being able to taste the food after!!
Here is some of the recipe's that we learned at the Ethiopian Cooking class Abigayle and I went to last Saturday.
miser wat red lentils
He used onions he blended in the blendersaltcook with water and oiladd berbere spice it looked like 2 heaping teaspoons Tomato pasteadd washed red lentilslots of water to cook lentilshe made a huge batch of fresh ginger and garlic like 1/3 ginger and 2/3 garlic blended with enough water to mix he used 2 heaping large spoons for all 3 recipescook medium heat until lentils are done he showed us how to watch the center of the lentil until you couldn't see the center.
kik wat yellow split peas
onions from blender salt cooked in oil and waterwhen onions are brown it is time to add washed lentils1 tsp turmericLittle more oil ginger and garlic same as other recipe 2 heaping large spoonswhen the small round thing in the middle is gone the split peas are cookedthere will be more water than you think there should be it will thicken off the heat after your done cooking. Cook medium heat The split peas took longer to cook than the red lentils.
Gomen potatoes with cabbage
chopped onions cooked in water & vegetable oilsalt add a little more vegetable oil1 tsp turmericafter onions cook for awhile add carrots & potatoes cut pretty chunky add little bits of water from time to time to keep it from drying out after cooked awhile add the ginger and garlic from blender 2 big spoons like the other 2 recipes, he waited to add the ginger and garlic mixture in this recipe so it wouldn't change the color of the recipe.cook until potatoes and carrots are donecombine cabbage and potato mixture together when both donecabbage cooked separately in water just enough to steam cooked until tender

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