Monday, September 29, 2008

Selam!! No referrals yet!!

Well I thought I would tell you the words I am learning in Amharic:

The one's I know so far (don't laugh)

Poo-Poo= Kah-kah

Pee-Pee= Shint

Goodbye= Chow

Hello= Selam

Dog= Woosha

Okay I promise I will learn more...I have a horrible time memorizing!! These word for some reason just stuck!! LOL

Next week will be six months waiting on the referral!! I talked with Toni and she said we are 3rd on our age group list...that may be promising news!!

I went to Extrodinary Woman meeting this last weekend (thank you Connie P.) Martha Wells spoke and she did an excellent job!! In the Process to Progress leads to Sucess (Martha Wells)
It was a great uplifting time and I really enjoyed it!!

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