Friday, September 5, 2008

Instant Gratification

In this world there is Instant Gratification...
Instant pudding
Instant drive through's
Instant Hot cocoa
Instant Coffee
Kid's want things instantly all the time!!
This is what society teaches, I was reading the other day about delaying instant gratification!!
This adoption is a great example...nothing good and worth having is INSTANT!!
So I took the time to tell the girls (who are getting impatient because it has been 5 months now)that Aleena will be our very special little girl and that she will be really worth waiting for!! The girls are starting to understand that; All Good things come
to those who WAIT!!
I want them to use this lesson for when they hit there teen, money, drugs and many other things are not a QUICK FIX!!
Wait on the Lord, wait on his will, pray for grace!!


Annie said...

found your blog through our yahoo board. the last line, so true!!! I was almost 40 when I became a mom; had a 21 week wait when most others had a 9, 12 week wait for the same request, but life now couldn't be better with my daughter. Remember Father knows best. He has chosen your daughter, but the right circumstances need to fall into place for her to become yours.

looking forward to hearing that good news when it happens!

Jennifer and Eric said...

Good lesson to learn and remember for all of us, and in so many ways.

Praying that this particular "waiting lesson" will come to an end soon! :)


Jennifer and Eric said...

I forgot to add...

Here is another blog I enjoy following and maybe you would too. They are adopting from Ethiopia like you guys.

LISA said...

People that want,or should i say demand instant gratification have nothing to look forward too.!