Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is a BIG day for MOMMY!!

For those who know me homeschooling was something I wanted to do...because it was "right"?????????
Okay, anyway so far I bombed on Abigayle...she wanted to go into 3rd grade last year(she is have the time of her life all A's and B's)...and than I thought, okay Anna and I will have a great year doing kindergarten...well so far we have but, she has gotten in her little sweet head that school looks alot more fun than home!! HAHA
And yes, you guessed it...she is headed to Mrs. Mallory's kindergarten class backpack, and new school supplies and ect. She has been soooo excited, she told me "now I can be a big girl."

I am nervous but happy for her...she has to go sometime...and I do pray and try to instill it in them to make good choices...Anna's class is small about 12 that is not so bad!!

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Anonymous said...

that is a BIG day for you!! i am sure everything will go perfectly!

we had savannah's interview for k last week. it was such a strange feeling...i know she is ready, but i am not!!