Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 Weeks to Go!! Yeah!!

It is so nice to finally say that next month is court!! I am now starting to make lists of what I need to take to Ethiopia, I am a planner, so that means I plan everything out, if it doesn't work out I scratch that idea and plan again:) Kinda weird I know but that is how I am.

Anna loves kindergarten and I am excited for her, she is reading well and loves to ride the bus with sissy...if I could down load pictures I have a few of her first day getting off the bus and the second day waiting at the door anxiously for the bus!!

Abigayle just finished her 56 page Missouri note book!! WOW what is this college??? But we all had fun doing it and learning about Missouri's history and animals. Abigayle's class has one project after another until school gets out!!

I have been sick...sinus infection into pneumonia...not fun...but I am on the mend and getting my strength back...God is good and he takes care of us everyday!!

Paul is sooo good to me he is such a blessing a wonderful husband and father...I am truly blessed!!
Last week Paul was one of the guest speakers in Kansas City at a workshop, he talked about school shootings...he had such a good time...man that is a tough subject to speak on and a big eye opener!!

Aleena is doing well, we are ready to go, but we know that it is in God's timing. I am getting so excited about our trip and about being a momma again. The girls are very happy to about being big sisters although they are getting pretty anxious about the trip...I think missing us already!!

Well, here is a quick update...courts almost here!!!

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