Friday, August 29, 2008

School is in!!

Well, Abigayle and Anna have been in school now for one week!!

Abigayle has already brought home test papers with A's and Anna's progress reports are A's!!

We have two good, smart cookies!! Abigayle's teacher is Mrs. Laphoon and she is really nice...she loves to teach she has been a teacher for 31 years!! WOW

No word from the adoption...we will be waiting 5 months the 7th of Sept. It is all in God's timing.

Bev is getting us ready though, her and Roger just got back from the Ukraine on a mission's trip and she has given us fanny belts, backpacks and a suit case!! We are set in that area...she has reminded me how to pack internationally and what to pack...also I need to get my second Hep B shot...Paul has gotten all of his shots when he was in the National Guard a few years ago so he is set...I have gotten Tet nus, Hep A and Hep B...that is all really that is needed to go on this trip. I have gotten some things for the ladies at the HOH, but still need to get things for the men. I am bringing crayons, and deodorant that Walmart has donated to the children and adults at the HOH.
Now I am going to start getting travel stuff...I figure if I start buying a little here and a little there by the time it is time to travel it won't be so much $$.

Okay gotta go...

You can read it, study it, examine it, and read it again; but unless you live it, and experience it you will never know the magnitude of it!!

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