Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay now that I am calmed down...

Okay, now that I am calm, I want to tell you how the whole thing know how they say; the "call" will come when you least expect it...well it did.

Several weeks ago, my friend Diana and I decided to host a ladies luncheon at my house for Christmas. December 17th was the day. We had a pretty bad snow storm the day before. And I thought maybe we would have to cancel. But, all my dear ladies came anyway. I spent all morning decorating and setting place settings. Anna wrote name tags and we lit candles. The luncheon was planned for 11am. No one showed up till 11:30am because of the roads. But in walked my faithful girlfriends; Diana, her mom Marjorie, and Diana's niece Kelly. Bev, Karen, Danielle and Carrie. These ladies have been my main support and have prayed, cried, and laughed with me in the last year during this adoption. We were all sitting around the table finishing up lunch. At 1:00pm the phone rang and guess what it was Toni!!

The ladies were talking and I just said, "this is it, this is our referral call!" You talk about some happy momma's and grandma's!! WOW...I was sooo happy that all of these dear woman were here with me. They even got to see her picture for the first time with was like being in the delivery room.

I am so honored to share the moment of the "call" with these Godly wonderful supportive girl friends...So now you know that will be a phone call none of us will ever forget!!

And to top it all off Paul was on his way home...he came right in and saw the picture of Aleena. She is perfect. Just what he expected all along.

You see God does know the desires of your heart. He knows the right time and he knows the place...he knew several weeks ago, when Diana and I were making plans, what day would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

amazing. i am bawling reading this. now, i actually now what those feeling are like and it is even more emotional to hear the story.


so excited for you all!

Justine said...

I have chills. What a perfect story. I am sure your little girl will love hearing it again and again.

I'm so happy for you.