Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Waiting is Getting Longer and Longer

For those of you who read my blog, our waiting is getting doesn't look like we will be getting a referral in 2008. I don't know why a toddler is taking so long. But God knows. He has Aleena out there right now God has His arms wrapped around her keeping her safe.
CHI is closed the 22-2nd and so now referrals will not be given until 2009. I am trying to be positive. I have my good days and bad days. Now, they are saying that court is taking longer. So if we get our referral say around the first of January we may not be able to go until April...that is, if we pass the first time. I am having trouble staying positive. I am kinda aggravated that it is going like this, but I do know that it is out of my control. Adoption can be a roller coaster ride.

There were two referrals yesterday both sibling groups. I'm sure those are the last ones till after the first of the year. So please continue to pray with me and Paul. Pray that Aleena will be kept safe until we hold her in our arms...Pray that I won't be so disappointed...I know in my heart, it is in God's time, but human nature wants to get really MAD!! I want my little girl!!
I also realize that her birth family could be loving on her and enjoying the last minutes with her right now, I would never want to take that away.

Okay so a little venting and an update... have a good weekend!!


Missy said...

I'm sorry Dee. I know how hard it is to stay positive all of the time! It's ok to be down about all the unknowns and changes in this process. The BTDTs say we will forget all of this once we have our little ones home...and I'm sure we will!!!

dee said...

I know thank you Missy, you are such an encouragment...

Anonymous said...

too funny to read this now for the first time. i know it was not funny at the time. i posted a very similar post about there not being anymore referrals this year and on and on! and...look at us know :)

God is SO good!!