Saturday, March 7, 2009

29 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could shout this to EVERYONE !! But now the real count-down starts!! I was just laying in bed this morning week we can say it's 3 weeks.

It is getting very exciting around our house...the girls are starting to really get anxious and so are Paul and I. We have a very busy month ahead of us!! So time will fly. I was telling someone the other it will be almost 18 months since we have started...we could almost say two years because Aleena was in our hearts along time before we started!! Now we can almost see the end...and I can soon hold my baby girl!!

We will be ready to start a new chapter in our life and we are already planning fun things to do this summer (including remodeling our kitchen and a family vacation!!)

God is so good...and we give Him all the glory and praise...for the good and the bad...He will take care of us!! Bless His name!!:)

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Anonymous said...

whoohoo!!! so very exciting!!!!

oh, and depending on how you look at the calendar, i think i was a day off. joe and i were looking at it last night and i think i was counting court as day one, but it should really be "court day" and the sunday before should be one day. one of my tickers says that today is 28 days and the other says 29?! so, i guess i won't tear a page off today and then i should be on track again!

too much info. i am sure! the girls want to make a chain and i wanted to make sure i had the right number!

SO, 29 days til court!!