Monday, March 23, 2009

The Prayers of a Momma

Every moment I think of our little Aleena...lately I have been thinking of her almost every half of a moment:) This last weekend I was praying and it hit me; Two weeks till our little Aleena is hopefully ours!! 4 weeks till we travel...praise the Lord!!

I took a breath and realized it was 2 years ago this spring that we started again praying for the opportunity to adopt...2 years ago this spring Aleena was born in a little mud hut...God knew that this little girl was going to need us...I realized this weekend that this little girl needs her momma now...she is tired of waiting just like I am...she needs me to hold her and love her and tell her that I am her momma...that everything is okay now.

Lord, Aleena needs a momma...I need my Aleena girl. Please let court pass so we can go and get her and so she can have her forever family:) Your will be done!!

10 days or 2 weeks...if you are reading this post please keep April 6th in your prayers!!:) Thank you!!

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